Posting and Comment Policies

I’m still relatively new at this “blogging” thing, but I have been a member of internet message boards before, so I’m going to go with a policy similar to what I’ve seen is most effective in other places I frequent.

You can post comments, so long as you’re registered.  There’s no harm in doing so, and that adds accountability to whatever someone is posting.  It’s not like you’re going to be hit with ten thousand e-mails from me offering you fantastic products you can’t live without or trying to get you to help my special friend in Nigeria, so you’ll be safe there.

Your comments are your responsibility, and I will gladly remind everyone that comments made by visitors are their beliefs, and do not represent the beliefs of myself or the network, and I am not responsible for them.  This blog is presumably for adults, and the content may occasionally veer into mature subject matters.  Consider this a “PG-13 to soft R” blog.  That said, since this is my sandbox, my rules are law, and I will remove any content that is over-the-top objectionable in my eyes, and any comments or posts made that I believe are harmful, offensive, or unpleasant and threaten the enjoyment of the community will be removed, and I reserve the right to ban any user for any reason, even if it seems arbitrary.

Hopefully, common sense will always prevail, and I won’t need to be anymore specific.  Just remember — treat everyone in the world the way you’d want to be treated, and we all should get along.  Welcome aboard and enjoy yourself!

The Last Honest Man

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