A Performance So Mind-Awfully Embarrassing — I Couldn’t Wait Until Monday To Comment On It

The Saints defense should invest in this look for the trip home from Seattle.

No, I’m not talking about my picking the Saints to win — easily — in Saturday’s early game.  I’m talking about the completely embarrassing, hide-your-face-in-eternal shame performance the New Orleans Saints put up yesterday afternoon in their “defense” of their Super Bowl Championship.

How staggeringly awful were the Saints?  How about 41 points given up to a Seattle team led by a banged-up Matt Hasselbeck and castaways Julius Jones and Mike Williams, easily the most points Pete Carroll’s team had scored all season.  Let’s think about that for a moment — 41 points scored.  By the Seattle Seahawks.  By Matt Hasselbeck, Marshawn Lynch, and Mike Williams.

Considering the level of their competition, this may have represented the worst performance by a defense in NFL playoff history since the Bears hung up 73 on the Redskins way back in 1940.  I’m only partly exaggerating here — this was the 23rd ranked offense on a 7-9 team racking up yards and touchdowns against the Saints like they were the 2007 Patriots instead.  It was a simply ghastly performance by New Orleans (though you can’t blame the offense — you score 36 points, you expect to win the game).

I’ll’ give credit where it’s due, though.  Seattle played as good a game as they were capable of playing, filled with emotion and heart and a sense of urgency — traits that New Orleans seemed to be curiously lacking for much of the game — and honestly, for much of the season.  New Orleans seemed like a team on a mission all of last year, while this year, there were plenty of moments when the team looked like they were in a haze, navigating their schedule on cruise control (their losses to far-inferior Cleveland and Arizona teams were no better examples of that).  The idea of a Super Bowl hangover never seemed more evident than at Qwest Field yesterday.

"Seattle winning the Super Bowl? So you're saying there's a chance ..."

The Seahawks win is also arguably one of the biggest upsets in NFL Playoff history, in many ways as unexpected as the Giants win over the Pats or the Jets win over the Colts (albeit on a much smaller stage).  The message to Seattle fans shouldn’t be to start booking their airplane flights for Dallas, however, but to enjoy this unlikely win while they can.  This blind squirrel isn’t going to find a nut two weeks in a row, and don’t be surprised to see them on the wrong side of the blowout they should have experienced this week to happen next week instead.  If Green Bay beats Philly like I think they will, that could leave my Bears (!) to host them in a rematch of their Week 5 match-up.   Oh, wait — Seattle won that game too.   Maybe,  just maybe …


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