Horror Movie Honorable Mentions

It’s time for an intermission in my countdown of my Top-20 Horror Movies Of All Time.  No, not one of my “I’ll see you again in three months” kind of intermission — but since we’re still a few days away from Halloween, it’s an opportunity to talk about some of the other horror movie guilty pleasures that didn’t make my list, but that I still will watch if I catch them on the tube and nothing else is on.  Think of it as my honorable mentions:

Terror Train  (1980)

Jamie Lee Curtis, the scream queen of the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, stars in this “killer on a train” flick.  It’s not too bad a film, all things considered — and it’s got David Copperfield as a creepy magician, no less.  It’s a standard “youth seeks revenge on those who wronged him” tale, but it’s got a few good scares in it.

Friday The 13th — The Final Chapter  (1984)

The fourth installment of the Friday films — and one of the most violent.  Jason’s got the hockey mask and a whole bunch of horny teenagers to slice and dice. Friday fans consider this one to be one of the best of the series.  The highlight — Crispin Glover gets up-close-and-personal with a machete.

April Fool’s Day  (1986)

This is a movie I’ll probably write a piece on some day (I know — maybe next April Fool’s Day!). It was oh, so, close to making it onto my top-20 list.  The cast is great and the story, unlike a number of horror/slasher films, is smart and makes sense.  I love this movie, but there’s a lot of horror film fans who hate it with a passion.  Why?  Watch it and you’ll see!

Children of the Corn  (1984)

What’s creepier than children taken in by an evil cult and killing all of their parents and any adult that stands in their way?  How about Malachai shouting “Outlander” over and over again while dragging a young Linda Hamilton behind him?  Mindless fun — and the opening scene is 100% unnerving.  Speaking of creepy children …

The Omen  (1976)

… Nothing is creepier than having your angelic-faced little son be the spawn of the Devil and the Antichrist, is there?  This was another film that barely missed my top-20 list. It’s got a great story and an all-star cast that’s headed by all-time great and Academy Award winner Gregory Peck.

Candyman  (1992)

This mix of urban legend and horror is severely underrated on horror movie lists. Tony Todd is menacing as hell as the titular character, and the gorgeous Virginia Madsen is — well — gorgeous (the most unbelievable part of the film isn’t that there’s a folk killer that’s somehow been brought to life, it’s that the husband of Madsen’s character is actually cheating on her  Talk about someone who deserves what he ultimately gets).  

I could probably go on and on — there’s plenty of horror films I actually like that I didn’t mention either here or on my top-20 — but as always, my list is my list and may differ greatly from yours or anyone else’s.

Again, check back on Saturday for the finale of my top-20 — numbers 5 through 1!  See you there!


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