So Much To Do, And So Little Time

Is it a bad sign that, after being up since 5:30 this morning and having worked on various projects for almost two hours already, I still feel like I’m way behind on the day?

It can’t be a good sign, that’s for certain.  But for whatever it’s worth, it’s where I find myself on this Monday morning.  With the beginning of baseball season — and my participation in numerous fantasy baseball leagues (all of which I have a reputation to defend) requiring a great deal of my attention during the spring — the months of February and March are always exceptionally busy ones for me.  But this year seems even more so — due in no small part to my oft-mentioned home renovation requiring a ton of my time; this weekend, for example, in addition to my uncle’s funeral that I attended, I spent two solid days and nights extensively remodeling just one bedroom.  That was me (and my wife and father-in-law) scraping down and re-texturing the ceiling, repainting the entire room, installing closet shelves and a new closet light fixture, caulking, more painting, installing closet doors — both Saturday and Sunday were easily sixteen hour days for us — by the time I went to sleep, exhausted, last night, I was seeing paint swatches in my dreams.

What that means for the blog is, that instead of the five-to-six day a week update schedule I’ve been keeping (or trying to keep) for the last several months, this next week is going to to be a little lighter in content — there’s simply too much for me to have to catch up on in the next couple of days (one of which, may be my sleep).  Don’t despair, though — we won’t be going on hiatus anytime soon — I have too many useless opinions still to vent for that to happen.

Now, if you excuse me  — there’s a broom and a dustpan that are calling to me.  I’ll see you back here again towards the middle of the week.

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