We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming …

… To bring you this announcement:

The second part of my piece The Greatest Boxing Upset Of All Time will be delayed at least until tomorrow, maybe until Thursday.  The reason isn’t my celebrating Mardi Gras where I’m at — I haven’t been downtown to New Orleans for a parade for more than a decade and a half now (that occasion is a classic story itself which I’ll have to recount here at some point) — rather, I’ve been sidelined with a nasty flu bug after having dodged any illness for the entire winter season.  I feel terrible, and I have just enough strength to muster this heads-up on the schedule change and grab a quick bite to eat before I return to my warm bed and an afternoon spent with the NyQuil and whatever I can find on television.

But never fear, I’ll be back as soon as the flu relents its grip.  See you then.


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