Keeping Up With The Last Honest Man

A few quick notes for this Thursday, before I’m back tomorrow with a Pre-Super Bowl Wrapup:

If you’ve been coming to the site for a while and you look around today, you’ll notice that there’s a few new features available in margin to the right.  Most helpful for our frequent visitors — you can now subscribe to the blog and you’ll receive notifications of new posts by email!  Simply enter your email address in the place provided and — success!  You can keep up with every new rant, Ro-Sham-Bo Winner, and irrelevant rambling I have to offer!

In addition to the new subscription feature, we’ve added a “Recent Posts” section as well.   Along with the already existing Archives section, the Categories section allows you to search for your favorite posts by subject — these tools will keep you from missing anything you’ll regret!

A special thank you again to everyone keeping tabs with me here, and I hope to keep you interested as we get 2010 into full swing!

Tomorrow — come back for a wrapup of the week that was!


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