Happy Birthday To The Last Honest Man — Sort Of

It just came to me today that this blog has been up, running and (mostly) active for more than a year now.  Break out the cake, ice cream, and those trick candles you can’t blow out — and let’s celebrate!

We’re at 150-plus posts and going strong, with increased traffic, particularly in the last month or so — so if you’re new here, I bid you a heart welcome!  Don’t be afraid to comment in any of the threads — I’d love to hear what you’re thinking.  Just remember to check out the Posting and Comment policies before doing so.  Also, a reminder that,  if you’d like to see something specific discussed here on the site, feel free to e-mail me at thelasthonestman@ymail.com and I’ll do what I can to talk about it.

In the upcoming year, I’m looking forward to continuing my look into the political scene, world events, the sporting world, and the world of entertainment, all while providing my own form of social commentary and sometimes brutal honesty about the world we live in — all while juggling my other writing projects and the rest of a busy life.  It’s been a blast so far this first year, and I hope that the second one is even better.  For those of you who’ve been stopping by since the beginning, I appreciate it — and if you’re new, I’m glad you’ve gotten aboard for the ride.

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