Le Boo Coaching … Errr … Stupid Playoff Picks Revisited

Yep -- that's about the way I felt after almost all of my weekend picks went down in flames


And to think, it started so well Saturday afternoon, with the Jets running over the Bengals the way I thought they would.   Alas, it would not last.

So I posted a pretty ugly 1-3 mark on my Wild Card playoff predictions this weekend, and rather than give out a Le Boo coaching award, I figured I deserved the Le Boo for some pretty bad selections.  Where did it all go wrong?

— At least I was right about the Jets and Bengals.  I heard several times going into the match-up that the two teams were “mirror images” of one another.  Well, if you ignore the fact that the Jets have a better overall rushing attack and a better overall defense — yeah, I guess they were.  The Jets did everything they needed to do to win, and Mark Sanchez played impressively, putting up solid numbers (which would have been even better if iron-hands Braylon Edwards hadn’t dropped an easy TD pass) and not turning the ball over.  I said the Bengals just weren’t all that good, and they proved it pretty convincingly.

— My fatal mistake in picking Philadelphia to at least cover against Dallas was simple.  I talked beforehand about how inconsistent both the Cowboys and the Eagles had been in 2009, but what I ignored was what should have been common sense: when two inconsistent teams play each other, and one of them has at least been consistent in beating the tar out of the other, then it’s probably a pretty easy bet that you’re going to see a repeat performance.   Dallas had destroyed the Eagles the week before — why did I possibly think this rematch would be any different?  Ugh … especially since …

— … I predicted Green Bay to bring the whuppin’ stick back out against Arizona.  So what happened here?  The one thing that changed from my Friday picks and the game Sunday afternoon was the breaking news that Cards quarterback Kurt Warner was contemplating hanging up the cleats after this year’s playoffs end.  I’ve accused Arizona of playing with no heart at times this year — what better form of motivation for them than trying to bring home another title for Warner, as well-liked as any player in the NFL?  Whether you want to credit that — or the fact that the Green Bay secondary seemed completely incapable of covering anyone — for Arizona’s win in what was one of the most entertaining playoff games in recent memory to watch, the Cardinals still deserve credit for a tremendous effort in the win.

— And finally, there was the Ravens beatdown of the Pats in the early game Sunday.  I’ll admit it — I was fooled by the Pats “mystique” and conveniently ignored the evidence that had been in plain view all season that New England just wasn’t the same team that we remembered as having dominated the NFL for much of the decade.  The end of the Patriots dominance was Plaxico Burress catching that TD in the end zone two years ago — even if we didn’t realize it then.  Baltimore ran over the Pats all day, needing only four completions by Joe Flacco to advance to the next round.

So for going 1-3 this weekend, I’ll give myself the Le Boo — and hope I can right the ship in the semifinals this weekend.  In the meantime, the other big sports news of the day — Mark McGwire’s **shocking** revelation that he used steroids — has left me with a lot to say … but that’s have to keep until tomorrow.  I’ve got to finish with my humble pie first before I tackle that.


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  1. […] no need to cry over the spilled milk that were my selections for last week’s games — I did that already a couple of days ago.  On the bright side, I guess, is that it could have been even worse — I could have gone 0-4 […]

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