Le Boo NFL Coaching Move, Week 15

With Christmas only a few short days away, and with me still having a lot to do around the house in preparation for the holiday, I’m eschewing my NFL notes for the week (and besides — nothing could zap  my festive holiday spirit faster than talking about the Bears debacle and the ongoing Cutler suck-fest that’s taking place in Chicago).

In that same spirit, I’ll spare a long-winded commentary about this week’s Le Boo coaching move — rest assured, in this case, a picture (or video) is worth a thousand words of scorn and shame.  If you haven’t seen the last play of the first half of last night’s embarrassing Washington loss to the Giants, then you owe it to yourself to check it out now.  If you’re not in a happy mood, you’ll be laughing uproariously once you’re done watching this horrific play (well — unless you’re a Redskins fan, obviously).

Who gets the blame for this sequence?  Whether you want to point the finger at Jim Zorn, Sherman Smith, or Sherman Lewis as the culprit — was this play  “O-72” on the bingo card? — there’s no doubting that it’s a terrible call worthy of our Le Boo dishonors.  If there was anything that new GM Bruce Allen learned last night, it’s likely that he’s got a long job ahead of him — and none of the Three Stooges above will likely be around for the rest of the rise following the merciful end to the season in two more weeks.

Here’s the play — note the befuddled responses from the Monday night trio of announcers, including Mike Tirico’s comment, “This is embarrassing”.

I heard this play referred to as a “Swinging Gate” play.  It should be renamed the “Swinging Door” play — as in, don’t set the swinging door hit you on the way out, Redskins coaches.

Le Boo, guys.  Le Boo.


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