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Headed Into The Weekend

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As we head into the weekend, we’re only a week away from Christmas!  If you’re like me, you’ll be wrapping up your shopping over the next two days — if not, then I’ll feel for you when you’re fighting the crowds filled with desperate, last-minute shoppers in the last days before the holiday.

— Like a cockroach that scurries through a crack under the cabinets when you turn the light on in the kitchen, also impossible to rid ourselves of (but not nearly as disgusting) are the Gosselins, continuing to make news.  While I took a great measure of joy in seeing the end of their reality show, Jon Plus Kate, I’ve been continually reminded over the summer and fall that neither Gosselin is prepared to go quietly into that good night.  Whether it was Kate attempting to go it alone on the show, or Jon’s “Am I actually going to have to get a job somewhere — or can I make it as just a celebrity?” approach to his future, we’ve all unfortunately been witness to both Gosselins’ attempts to stay in the media spotlight — their children’s well-being be damned.

Please. Just. Go. Away.

Apparently, the divorce of the couple is apparently final.  So what’s next?  The word a week ago was that, after her initial attempt at a pilot for a talk show wasn’t picked up by any network, Kate Gosselin was trying again.  I’m sure there’s a part of America — a really bored part of America — dying to know the answer to the question: What kind of show is it going to be?  Instead what we should be asking — both about this show and anything that Jon Gosselin tries to do in the future to live off the celebrity he’s been given — is:  Who cares?

Neither Gosselin has any discernible talent or skill that warrants them getting a second more of television time.  The only thing both have shown they’re good at is selling their lives out to television, exploiting their children for fame, and being incapable of keeping their marriage together.  It’s a sad indictment on our society today that doing any of those three things warranted celebrity status and admiration from anyone, or media attention now.  If anyone else asks me what I’m hoping for this Christmas, I think my answer will be to never have to hear from either of these two again.  I’ll do my part — I plan to never mention them here again.

— Charlie Frye will be the quarterback for the Oakland Raiders this weekend, and the JaMarcus Russell era in the Bay is apparently over.  Thank God, is probably the common refrain going through the heads of Raiders fans right about now.  Russell’s tenure as the starter in Oakland has been a failure of Ryan Leaf-style proportions.  It was telling that Frye — who had been doing little more than holding a clipboard all season — is the one who coach Tom Cable believes gives the team the best chance to win, and if he gets hurt this week, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Bills castoff J. P. Losman — just signed this past week by the Raiders — get a start ahead of the former first overall pick.

By all accounts, Russell’s struggles are as much of his own making as anything else; reportedly, the quarterback’s work ethic and general attitude was questionable.  There’s no doubt he has a load of talent, and if the Raiders do release him following this season — and all indications seem to suggest that’s what’s going to happen — someone will sign him as a reclamation project.  But unless the light bulb goes on and Russell suddenly “gets it”, his NFL career could be over shortly.

Jonathan, Andrew .... and Al?

My biggest surprise is that All Davis apparently signed off on the move when meeting with Cable earlier in the week.  Though, maybe we should ask ourselves — are we sure that was Al that Cable talked to?  My friend Steve and I have made the “Al Davis would never have stood for the Raiders’ ineptitude if he were still alive” jokes for years now — can be absolutely certain that the Raiders’ owner isn’t simply being propped up in his box, Weekend at Bernie’s style?  Maybe that was Andrew McCarthy and Jonathan Silverman giving the nod to Frye this week, no?

— On a more somber note, everyone has already heard the news regarding Chris Henry’s accident and death this week.  There’s not much for me to say other than this:  Henry, like all of us, was far from perfect.  He made many mistakes along the way, and he certainly paid for them.  Anytime a life is cut short — no matter who it is and for what reason — it’s a tragedy.

— We’ll see you back here on Monday for some NFL notes.  In the meantime, get that shopping done while you still can!