NFL Wrapup For Week 13

We’re almost ready to get underway with the Monday night game — but before we do, a few thoughts from the weekend:

The dirtiest player in football today

— Flozell Adams of the Cowboys continues to be one of the most classless players in the NFL, a cheap-shot king whose act is well past getting old.   After another late hit on a Giants player at the end of the first half, a near-fight broke out between Adams and — well — everyone wearing a New York uniform.  Reportedly, the NFL is looking at not only another fine for Adams, but a possible suspension too.  If so, it’ll be well-deserved.

But at least on the bright side for the Cowboys, it’s not like Adams’ nonsense helped inspire the Giants or anything.  Oops — it probably did.  But at least Dallas won … oh, wait — they didn’t do that either.  Adams’ continuous undisciplined behavior is synonymous with poor coaching and a lack of authority that comes directly from Wade Phillips — and it’s another reason why, when the Super Bowl takes place in Miami, Dallas players will be watching it on the giant screen TV’s in their living rooms.

— Just how bad was JaMarcus Russell?  Real, real bad.  Bruce Gradkowski isn’t Kenny Stabler — or even Rich Gannon, for that matter — but he’s light-years better than Russell, which is why the Raiders have beaten both the Bengals and the Steelers in the past month.  Granted,  Pittsburgh’s defense isn’t the same without Mr. Head And Shoulders, Troy Polamalu, on the field, but what Gradkowski managed was impressive nonetheless.

The hidden play that helped Oakland pull off the upset – the idiotic cheap shop/late hit by Ryan Mundy, a back-up safety, on an incompletion the play before the game-winning touchdown pass to Louis Murphy, giving the Raiders a first down at the 11.  Way to go, pal — maybe that’s why you’re only a back-up, no?  If Al Davis were still alive, he would have loved this comeback win — I’m sure somewhere up there, he’s smiling.

"This is as close as I'm ever getting to one of these trophies. Next question."

— The NFC picture changed dramatically yesterday with a stunner in Washington and a beatdown in the desert.  Am I the only one who thinks that Jim Zorn looked like an accident victim on the sidelines of the Skins’ stunning OT loss to the Saints?  The look of being in shock is one he’s worn most of the season, and yesterday’s collapse was more of the same for the lame-duck head coach.  The loss was improbable, but not really unexpected — Washington has been losing games like this all season.  Indeed, my friend Steven commented after Shaun Suisham’s botched chip-shop left the Saints with a pulse, “Look at the Redskins’ sideline — they all look like they expect to lose, and the Saints players look like they’re expecting to win.”  And so it was — the Saints manage to win, even when they shouldn’t, and Washington loses when the game should be in the bag.

Meanwhile, the Vikings fell two full games behind the Saints with their loss in Arizona, a game that was far more one-sided than the final score indicated.  There have been those who have pointed out that the Vikings schedule had been kind to them to this point, and that this current stretch — which started last night and will feature games against Cincinnati and the Giants — will tell us a lot more about how dangerous this Vikings team really is.  After last night’s game, where the running game couldn’t get untracked, Kurt Warner picked apart the defense like a 12 year-0ld playing Madden on the easy level, and Brett Favre looked a lot like the shaky Favre a lot of people have been waiting for to show up all year, I’m starting to wonder if Minnesota isn’t as good as people have been thinking they were.  At this point, they’re not even as good as Arizona, right?

— Tomorrow, it’s our Le Boo coaching move of the week!  See you then!


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