Ain’t Gonna Be No Rematch

With the one-sided drubbing that Alabama laid on Florida Saturday afternoon, it’s safe to presume that the national title picture has cleared itself significantly.

Alabama, obviously, is in.  And if Texas wins the Big 12 Championship Game tonight against Nebraska, then they will meet the Crimson Tide in Pasadena.  Simple enough.  But what if the Cornhuskers pull off the upset — then what?

What shouldn’t happen is the possibility that some experts have tossed out there — that a Texas loss might lead to a rematch between Alabama and Florida.  As dominant as the SEC has been in years previous, at times there seemed to be something lacking in the performances of the conference’s top teams — Florida looked sluggish in several games, and Alabama had close calls against an unranked Tennessee squad and Auburn.  While there’s no argument that an unbeaten Crimson Tide squad deserves its place at the top of the college landscape right now, there also shouldn’t be any argument that Florida doesn’t deserve a spot in a title game over other contenders like unbeaten Cincinnati, TCU — and yes, even Boise State.  In the event of a Texas stumble, hopefully the pollsters and the computers will realize the obvious as well.


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