And Now For Something Completely Different …

Bill The Cat, our Le Boo Macot, expresses his disapproval at bad NFL coaching

In another one of those “Better Late Than Never” moments, I introduce to my readers a new feature to be found here during the NFL season:  the Le Boo NFL Coaching Move Of The Week.

I had originally intended this to be an event starting back in Week 1 of the season — but with the blog on hiatus for much of the last two months, that turned out to be an impossibility.  Never fear, however — there’s plenty of football left to be played, and plenty of bad coaching decisions still to be made before the 2009 season is finally over.

So why “Le Boo”?  Why not? A French flair given to our All-American raspberry — displayed so tactfully to the right by Bill The Cat — has just that touch of disdain for the stupidity sometimes shown by the men being paid huge amounts of money a year to simply manage a football game.  As you’re going to well see over the remaining weeks of the season, sometimes that simple task is beyond our targets to do.  The Le Boo move of the week isn’t going to be a case of second-guessing, but almost always will be something a NFL coach does — whether it be personnel decisions, game-calling strategy, or just plain overall ineptitude — that is so egregious, any random guy sitting on his sofa at home — that’s you and me, if you’re scoring at home — knows how ridiculously bad a decision it was.  It’ll be those highlighted moments when our tanked buddy Bill would have been better off wearing the headsets than the coach.

As a happy subscriber to the NFL Sunday Ticket, I get to watch more football action than should be allowed, so I’m sure it’s not going to be a problem to find a worthy candidate for ridicule celebration each week.  So as today’s games unfold, keep your eyes out for bad coaching at it’s finest worst — and feel free to make your own suggestions in the comments section of the column when it comes out.  The first installment will be up sometimes on Tuesday.


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