More Good News For The Bears — If You Like Losing On Sundays, That Is

Only a few days after watching Bears “savior” Jay Cutler unable to take advantage of easy touchdown opportunities on at least three occasions by overthrowing receivers so wide-open, I think I could have hit them in stride (including a potential game-winner heaved well over the head, amazingly enough, of the fastest man on the field, Johnny Knox) — there’s even more troubling word good news coming out of Bears Land.  Apparently, one egotistical quarterback with poor-decision making propensity isn’t enough to sink the Bears chances of contending in the near future.  Next up — Mike Martz possibly heading to the Windy City as the offensive coordinator.

"Running play? They allow those?"

I’ve never been a fan of Martz in his previous stints in the NFL as offensive coordinator/head coach; while he’s gotten loads of credit for innovation of the offensive side of the ball, he’s always struck me as just another in the long line of NFL coaches who wear the label of (self) proclaimed “genius” a little too easily (see Mangini, Eric as another fine example of this trend) — even though his decision making and play-calling was often suspect.  Martz never met a called pass he didn’t like, and his aversion to running the ball in St. Louis — even with stud running backs Marshall Faulk and Steven Jackson on the sidelines during his time there — bordered on the sometimes ridiculous (see Reid, Andy) and cost the Rams as many games as his offensive creativity won them.

Must ... not ... hurl ...

And now he may be going to Chicago? Awesome news.  The Cutler-led Bears have already lost the identity that made them successful in the past — that of running the ball, ball control, and defense — in favor of the offensive built around their flashy new quarterback — and bringing Martz into the fold is only going to make the situation worse.  I can’t wait to see the Bears try to implement the newest version of the “Greatest Show on Turf” in Chicago under a Martz regime as offensive coordinator — the results should be aboutas messy as letting your extremely drunk friend hop onto the Top Thrill Dragster coaster after chowing down a chili dog — hilarious if you’re not directly involved, not so much if you’re anywhere near.

Memo to the Bears:  Martz isn’t the answer, but he’s only going to help compound the first mistake you made in dealing for Cutler in the first place.  Unless you want to get Doc Brown’s help with a DeLorean that will allow you to bring Marshall Faulk, the 2000 versions of Kurt Warner and Torry Holt, and Issac Bruce back from that Rams Super Bowl team to go along with Martz, the Bears will continue to go in the wrong direction if Martz is hired — and in another year or so, he can join Lovie in being unceremoniously pushed out the door.  At least it won’t be Cutler’s fault — I’m sure he’d tell you as much if you asked him.


2 Responses to “More Good News For The Bears — If You Like Losing On Sundays, That Is”

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  2. […] — and coaches Lovie Smith and Ron Martz — than I’ve been in the past year.  I already spoke at length as to why I thought the pairing of Martz and erratic quarterback Jay Cutle…, and I was more than prepared as the season started to watch my beloved Bears crash into the NFC […]

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