A Weekend In Biloxi Means I’m Running A Day Behind

So my wife and I spent the weekend in Biloxi, Mississippi — work took her out-of-state, and having nothing substantial to do myself this weekend, I went along with her.  While the weather was wonderful, and the area shows signs of rebirth as we head towards four years since Hurricane Katrina battered this part of the Gulf Coast, there was only one thing I could find to complain about.  The hotel that we stayed at had a problem with the television reception — apparently in our room only — and we were left able to only pull in local channels for the weekend.  Ugh.   With the hotel booked up, we were stuck with the tough decision between Married With Children reruns and infomercials for our late-night entertainment.  Thankfully, we had other endeavours occupying our time for the weekend, so it wasn’t such a big deal.  But boy, was I happy to get home to my DirecTV.

Feel The Joy

Feel The Joy

While my television viewing was stifled, I did have access to the Internet with my laptop — not that I did anything substantial with that time.  So I’m using Sunday to relax and regroup, and we’ll push our schedule for this week back a day:  Fantasy Notes for the week will be tomorrow, and Ro-Sham-Bo goodness will be on Tuesday.

Now, if you’ll excuse me — I’ve got some premium televison watching to catch up on the rest of this evening.


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