How Did I Get Here Already — And Where Do I Go Next?

Has it already been five months since I started this blog?  By a quick look at the calendar, evidently so.  And lo and behold, this is my 100th post on the site since I began — so let’s have an anniversary party!

No -- not THAT kind of party

No -- not THAT kind of party

I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank the loyal group of people who’ve followed me on this site since I’ve started, and who’ve given their support simply by bothering to click on whatever the latest subject I’ve been ranting on about is.  I’m proud to say that the site will be going over 20,000 views since its inception at some point today;  while that pales in comparison to any number of other sites out there, it’s still a lot more people than I thought would be visiting my little corner of the Internet when I started working on this project.  And the truth be told, if even one person has read something here that’s entertained them or made them think for one second about anything they might not have otherwise — then doing this has been well worth it in my eyes.

The intent behind this blog was to get me in the habit of writing on a regular basis again, and to give me some much needed work to warm me up for a return to fiction writing.  I have my finished novel that needs polishing before I hope to see it published, and I have some new ideas brewing around in my head that I’m looking forward to getting out and onto the page.  Working on this blog has given me some additional confidence in that respect — I feel more like a “writer” now than I ever have before — and I think I’m much better prepared to continue on in my quest to make a real career out of putting words together in my attempts to say something relevant or meaningful.

Of course, reading this entry may sound like I’m using this occasion to wrap up the blog once and for all — but don’t despair!  That’s not the case at all!  While I said a week ago that I’d be posting a little less often here — mainly because I don’t want to burn myself out, and there’s times when I just need to take a step back and take a deep breath away from the keyboard — I plan to continue on updating this blog for as long as the desire strikes me to do so.  And that should still be for a while to come, as there’s all kinds of subjects I haven’t talked about yet, and a world of events in the future that will warrant discussion — as long as that’s the case, I hope to be here making myself heard.

In addition, I’m toying with the idea of using this forum as a publishing point for some of my works of fiction as well — either some of my unpublished short stories, or maybe a preview of my novel.  I don’t know how feasible that’ll be, or if that’s a direction I would definitely want to go, but just the fact that it’s possible represents to me the incredible opportunity the Internet has opened up for people like me to communicate themselves to the world around them.

Again, I thank everyone who comes here and I hope I can continue to talk about enough things so that something catches your interest once in a while.  Meantime, I strongly encourage you to tell anyone and everyone about The Last Honest Man and invite them to check out the blog.   Coming up in the next few weeks:  More fantasy baseball insight (for whatever that might be worth), some additional comic book related posting (included my promised look at the Batman Animated Series), a look back at one of the most revolutionary video game systems (and my own personal favorite), the Intellivision, and as always — a lot of Ro-Sham-Bo Winners to mock.  Until then, enjoy!

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