Wait — It Isn’t Friday Yet?

Normally, I do my wrap-ups heading into or coming out of a weekend.  But I’m switching it up this weekend since I have yet another rant coming up about the idiocy found in today’s financial world (which will actually be revealed before I explain my earlier mystery rant, which will be this upcoming week’s Ro-Sham-Bo entry — maybe) that won’t be ready until tomorrow or Saturday at the earliest.  So here’s a brief look at some of the things going on around us before Friday actually gets here.

star-trek-trailer-image-28— Lots of good stuff at the movies — and of course, I never seem to get out to see anything.  I still never saw Watchmen, and as much as I’d like to check them out, the prospect of me catching either X-Men Origins: Wolverine or Star Trek in the theater isn’t looking too good.

As an example of just how far behind I am on my movie-watching, I just finally got to see two movies I’d be waiting on:  The Incredible Hulk and The Strangers (which I had to wait until — shudder — they came on premium television to see).  They’re two completely different types of films, but I liked both of them immensely.  Maybe I’ll actually review either or both of them at some point, but if it never comes to that, I can recommend either as a pleasant diversion on a given night if either the superhero or horror genres are your cup of tea.

hattonko_ap_1395912c— It’s been nearly two weeks after the fact, but since I was on hiatus at the time, I never got a chance to mention the incredible beatdown that light welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao delivered to Ricky Hatton in their fight in Las Vegas.  Pacquiao cemented his status as one of the sport’s best pound-for-pound battlers with the decisive victory, and he set the stage for a mega-showdown with the comebacking Floyd Mayweather, Jr. (if Mayweather can defeat Juan Manuel Marquez in their bout July 18, a result that is in no way guaranteed).

Pacquiao is an immensely entertaining fighter to watch, and while I never drop the big bucks involved in a pay-per-view contest (I just catch the replays on HBO a week later), this fight might be enough for me to crack open the wallet.

garf— Looking for something to laugh at — and something that might make you feel better about your life in the process?  Then check out the web comic Garfield minus Garfield. It’s amazing how much different a cartoon strip can be when you just remove the main character from it — in this case, turning a strip about a cat and his owner into a look at a slightly psychotic Jon Arbuckle.  The brainchild of Dan Walsh, this comic has grown popular enough to warrant publication in its own book, and it’s even gotten the seal of approval from Garfield creator Jim Davis.

Hey, that’s all I’ve got for now — but I did say this would be brief, didn’t I?  For you to look forward to, there’s my financial industry rant that may or may not be upcoming in the next day or two — but I’ll definitely be back on Sunday with my oft-delayed What I Learned This Week, Fantasy Edition.  Until then, enjoy the upcoming weekend.


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