Dammit! My Mom’s Not On The Cover Of Crackwhore Magazine!

eric_cartman_southparkSo, we’re back on-line — sort of — with this week’s Ro-Sham-Bo Award.

Getting back on schedule has been more of an issue than I thought it’d be, but I’m determined to get something up here on something resembling a regular basis again — and there’s no better place to do so than with this week’s Ro-Sham-Bo winner.  But what about all of the other stuff I promised two weeks ago?  Well, they’re still on the agenda, but I’m looking more at a thrice-a-week schedule rather than the five-to-six times a week schedule I was keeping before.  Part of this has to do with some of my scheduled writing time getting allotted to the finishing of my long-overdue novel, but I’m going to do my best to not fall behind here too much in the future.

So the previously-planned look at the fantasy baseball world and the Batman Animated Series will still be coming soon, as will the Ro-Sham-Bo story I’d promised a while back regarding my recent customer service issue I had with two dimwits on the phone.  I was going to look at that today — until a better candidate for shame poked his way into the proceedings.

No doubt, if you’ve been following what’s been a pretty exciting NBA playoffs so far, you caught the controversial ending to Game 3 of the Denver-Dallas series in which the Mavericks did everything they could to foul the Nuggets’ Carmelo Anthony in the waning seconds of the game — and the refs completely blew the call, swallowing their whistles and allowing Anthony to jack up a game-winning three-pointer, crushing Dallas’ hopes and pretty much ending their series.

How bad was the non-call?  It’s one of the worst in recent NBA memory, and that’s saying something, considering how atrocious the NBA officiating usually is.  The league has already acknowledged that the refs blew the play — not that the admission does any good for the Mavs at this point.  It’s my opinion that the NBA should have cracked down on their lousy officiating long ago, and certainly after the scandal involving Tim Donaghy — but the league continues to employ the dangerous incompetent in their biggest games on a regular basis, giving more fuel to the fire for conspiracy theorists who like to speculate as to just how on-the-level the league’s games really are.

But as bad as the non-call was, and as devastating to Dallas as it might have been, was that any excuse for the usual childish antics of Mark Cuban following the game?  Cuban — who’s had his share of run-ins with the NBA before — took it upon himself to take his tired act a step further by going after the mother of Denver forward Kenyon Martin.  Reportedly, Cuban was shouting at Lydia Moore that the Nuggets players were thugs, referring to Martin specifically.  The Denver Post reports Martin’s agent, Brian Dyke, as saying that Cuban unprovoked called Martin a punk to Moore.

No matter what version you want to run with, it’s clear that some words were lobbed at Martin’s mother by Cuban, and were done so with apparently no justification behind them, other than Cuban’s frustration with his team’s performance.  Cuban’s no stranger to controversy when it comes to running his big mouth — and an argument can be made that his volatile nature has only served to hurt his team, rather than help it.

But bringing a player’s mother into it?  Well, that’s a new low for Cuban, and exemplified a lack of class on his part that even his detractors might have been surprised at.  The only thing worse would have been if the game had been on Sunday, and Cuban could have engaged someone’s mom on Mother’s Day.

I’ve defended Cuban to others before, despite his often outlandish behavior.  I’d looked at the owner as a positive on the pro sports scene, an owner who wants his team to win badly and is willing to put his money and resources where his mouth is when it comes to doing so.  But his actions here are beyond defending.  He owes his team and his fan base to stay above the fray and to act like a responsible CEO of a franchise and not like a 10-year old on the playground who can’t help but hurl insults at the other kids around him.  But no one should be surprised that Cuban acts this way — he’s an immature billionaire who’s used to getting exactly what he wants, and when he doesn’t, he usually reacts in a way that a child might, but a truly responsible adult would find embarrassing.  Cuban is often the former, and not the latter.  Saturday was a perfect example of that.

For his part, Martin feels about the situation about the way any of us would if it were our mom getting hassled — he’s pissed, and he’s vowed to “take care” of matter himself.  Is it too much to hope that by “taking care of it”, he might just put a fist into Cuban’s mouth and shut him up once and for all?  He won’t, of course — but I can dream, can’t I?  I know, if it were my mother he was hassling, that’s what I’d be doing.

But instead of that, I’ll settle for handing this week’s Ro-Sham-Bo Award out to Cuban.  If there’s justice, he’ll never have an NBA Championship trophy to put on the mantle aside of it — at least until he learns to grow up.


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