Too Much To Do — And Too Little Time To Do It


All right — I freely admit it — I’m completely exhausted.

First, there was planning for the start of the fantasy baseball season.  And there was the continuous work being done on my house taking up a ton of my time.   Just this weekend, I attended a comic book show where I was set up as a dealer — so I’ve had that taking up a ton of my time.  I’m just one guy — but it’s felt like I’ve been doing the work of ten people lately.

So it’s not a surprise that the blog has suffered over the last week with too few updates while I’ve been furiously trying to catch up.  I’ve also decided that I need a vacation for at least a couple of days — that will give me the best chance to recover from the comic show, to get things around the house in some better sense of order (you should see how out of control my yard has gotten, for example), and to actually spend a couple of days relaxing and recharging my batteries.

So, the new schedule for the blog is this:  Since I already missed yesterday’s update on fantasy baseball, I’ll save my observations for this upcoming Sunday instead.  I’ll also be telling my Ro-Sham-Bo story promised for this week next Monday.  On Tuesday and Wednesday, I’ll be taking a detailed two-part look back at Batman: The Animated Series — one of my favorite cartoon ever and a classic of the genre in every sense of the word. From there — we’ll see where events take us.

This brief break should give me enough to time to get things settled here.  In the meantime, everyone stay safe — and I’ll see you again on the weekend.


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