Mystery Solved — But You’ll Have To Wait A Little Longer For The Story

So the issue I talked about on Tuesday has been apparently taken care of.  I use the word “apparently” since I haven’t had a chance to test out the resolution, and probably won’t do so until tomorrow.  To my great surprise, common sense looks to have actually come out ahead in this situation — it certainly was the result I would have enacted if I had been in charge of the situation, but I was pessimistic because, as well all know, that’s not the way the world works.

So what about that Ro-Sham-Bo Award for this week?  I still want to go into detail on the entire issue, since there were definitely some good people involved who deserve credit for their efforts on my part as well as people who definitely deserve ridicule for theirs.  So I’ve decided to wait until Monday to write up this adventure, so as to not shortchange any of the participants involved.

Besides, I’m prepping for a comic book show in my area this weekend, where I’ll be set up with three dealers tables.  I’m trying desperately to get all of my extra stuff sorted and priced, which is taking forever.  When you combine that with complete exhaustion already today from having to unload my new living room floor from the truck that delivered it — we’re talking carrying 30 huge, heavy boxes of flooring, the sealant, and the glue almost 200 feet — I’m lucky I’m even typing this up.

This is what it feels like I just moved

This is what it feels like I just moved

So I’ll be scarce tomorrow and Saturday, but never fear!   I’ll be back on Sunday with my weekly fantasy baseball column and then — finally — the story behind a Ro-Sham-Bo Award Winner you won’t want to miss on Monday.


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