Zoinks! It’s A Ro-Sham-Bo Mystery!

No Ro-Sham-Bo Award column yesterday — but for a couple of good reasons I hope you’ll all be able to understand.  As I had mentioned on Friday, my wife’s grandmother had passed away just before the weekend, and with the wake and funeral services taking place yesterday, time for updating the site was scarce.  A heartfelt thanks from both my wife and I for those of you who passed on your condolences.

20070820-scoobydoogangThe other reason, however, for the delay is that I have an outstanding Ro-Sham-Bo candidate for this week — maybe — but it depends on what takes place in the next 24-48 hours.  Without spoiling too much of this mystery I’ve tempted you with, let’s just say that the Ro-Sham-Bo honors will very possibly be going to a company that’s exhibited some pretty outrageous and incredibly asinine behavior to me personally — but I’m giving them the next day or so to offer some form of an acceptable solution before I take them to task publicly.  Again, I don’t want to go into too much detail here, but I will say that the conversation I had with multiple representatives of this company yesterday morning was one of the more infuriating in my memory — and the stupidity exhibited by those who I spoke with is a prime example of why we’re having some of the financial issues in this country today that we are.

My guess is that I probably could have just written the column anyway, as despite the efforts of one person I talked to yesterday who’s trying to do the right thing, an acceptable resolution to this situation isn’t going to be forthcoming.  There’s only so much one person like this one can do when their common sense is being overruled by ignorance that unfortunately happens to be higher on the position ladder than they are — a pretty accurate description of what I think is going to end up describing this particular situation.  So that said, I’m already resolved to the likely ending of this tale, but the good news for all of you is twofold.  One, the matter to me is strictly a dispute on principle one at this point — my favorite kind of dispute — and, other than some inconvenience and irritation it’s caused me, the matter won’t have any real impact on my life when it’s all said and done.  Two, without this incident, you wouldn’t be able to look forward to me reaming a company that deserves it!  See — we all win anyway!  Well, unless you count the company that will lose not only my business, but the business of as many people as my voice (and yours) can hopefully reach — in that sense, they’ll actually be the big losers.

Now, in the more unlikely event that the situation is actually resolved correctly, then I’ll still have a column to write about it, one that will revolve among other things around the Dumb and Dumber customer service team of Kyle and Darrin (see guys — I told you I was getting your names for a reason!), without whom, this tale of utter stupidity would not have been possible.

All right, that’s it for spoilers — you’ll just have to keep checking back this week for the resolution of this Ro-Sham-Bo mystery and what I’m sure will be a rant that will have me in rare form.  Until then, the Scooby Snacks are all on me.

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