Madden Retires — While Isiah Is Hired — And Other Weekend Notes

Just jumping in quick today;  another passing in the immediate family (this time, my wife’s grandmother) has meant that this has been a pretty busy — and sad — day.  It’s not too busy or sad, however, to comment briefly on the following:

John Madden has retired after 30 years in the broadcasting booth.  For almost my entire life, Madden has been one of the primary voices of the NFL for me, and I’m sorry to see him leave.  While he definitely had lost something over time — it’s got to be hard to remain fresh and cutting-edge after so many years doing the same thing — his impact on the world of announcing professional football was undeniable, and I’m going to miss him.  It’s hard for people today to remember how great of a coach he was as well, but I can’t imagine that Madden won’t still remain a larger-than-life figure in the football world for many years to come.

Besides, what would football be without the Madden curse to talk about?

Yep.  That explains it.

Yep. That explains it.

How Isiah Thomas managed to get hired again is downright amazing.   I mean, the man has left behind a trail of carnage reminiscent of one of Godzilla’s strolls through Tokyo.   He destroyed the CBA.  He ruined the Knicks.  What did Florida International do to deserve this?  Oh, yeah — they hired Thomas anyway.

I have no idea if Thomas can possibly be successful at the collegiate level, but his experience dealing with all of the things that makes the college game different from the pros is just about nil, so I won’t be holding my breath waiting for him to succeed.  He brings plenty of attention to the FIU program — but I’m thinking that it won’t really be the type of attention that the university is really going to want to have.  It’s been a circus that has seemed to follow Isiah for quite a while now, and the ringmaster is back in the spotlight he’s always craved.  I put the over/under on the number of seasons it takes for the program to find itself in some form of trouble at 2 1/2.

— Again, apologies for the brevity — but I’ll be back in full force for my second week of What I Learned, Fantasy Edition on Sunday.  Hope you’ll be back for then.

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