Vacation Time Is Nearly Over

Well, the busy week is almost over, and with it, what served as sort of a vacation for me.  My friend will be returning home late tomorrow, my fantasy baseball drafts are almost all done (I still have one more to do next Sunday, but all of the others are finished), and things will be getting back to normal at last.  I’m really looking forward to that, as I’ve had to lighten up the load on both the blog here as well as having to put a hold on finishing the novel, so it’s going to be nice to really get into the groove of working on both again starting later this week.

In the meantime, I’ll be updating the blog again tomorrow with a look back at my main fantasy league’s draft day — and the more unusual events during the proceedings (and there was several that will be worth mentioning).  Afterward, I’ll be posting my fantasy baseball picks for hits and misses in 2009 on Wednesday (something I definitely wasn’t posting anytime before the majority of my drafts, since most of the owners in those leagues read this blog), and the weekly Ro-Sham-Bo Award will return next Monday — along with another live, running account — this time of baseball’s Opening Day (since I have the Extra Innings package and plan to have some friends over, this should hopefully be pretty good).

Until tomorrow, thanks for hanging in there while I attended to the business at hand, and I’ll see you tomorrow night!


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