Brief Notes For Tuesday

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!  By “out”, I mean of course, not posting on this blog for a week or so, due to the incredibly busy schedule I’m looking at for this week.  But here I am, with some free time this morning and a computer just staring back at me and — voila!  I didn’t intend for this to happen — it just did.

But since I don’t have that much time to work with, I’m sticking to some quickie notes — sort of like the wrapup I might have done yesterday, if I managed my time a little better.  But better late than never, so onward we go:

Japan beat Korea last night 5-3 to win its 2nd straight championship in a tremendous game that should remind us why the World Baseball Classic has the potential to be something special every time it’s contested.   I still recognize the inherent problems with having it played during spring training (though there really isn’t a good time otherwise for it to take place, since there’s no way you’ll see the regular season interrupted for it anytime in our future).  But there were a number of memorable moments this year from the WBC (for me, nothing tops The Netherlands eliminating the Dominican Republic) and it’s clear that the spirited competition of the event should have its place on any baseball fan’s sports calendar.


The U.S. played better this time around, though it still didn’t stop the team from being eliminated short of its goal.  The fact that we’re 0-2 in the WBC is a testament to just how many talented baseball players there are around the world today.  I won’t question strategy or roster makeup here, as that’s already being done to death around the web by people better suited for that analysis that myself.  The U.S. will have to wait until 2013 to give it another go; maybe the third time will be the charm.

— If you’re looking for something funny to pass the time, check out Angry Alien Productions and The 30-second Bunny Theatre.  It’s basically movies re-enacted in 30 seconds (give or take) by animated bunnies.  The clips are dead-on and hit most of the key moments you remember from your favorite classics.  I strongly recommend checking it out, and huge props to the creator of the Bunnies, Jennifer Shiman.  The latest re-enactment is Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

Will I be back tomorrow?  Probably not — but then again, I didn’t expect to be back today — so keep checking in!


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