The Start Of Fantasy Baseball Season Means It’s Time To Take A Brief Intermission


Wow — it’s been an incredibly hectic weekend (hence, no updates since that crazy Thursday of continuous posting).  I didn’t get much chance to do anything other than work on the house in anticipation of having guests come in from out of town this week.  The reason for their visit?  It’s time for the 17th annual Harry Caray’s Bleacher Bumz Fantasy Baseball League Draft!

The league (the HCBB for short) was one that I started in 1992 — now, I’m the only one from the original group of owners left.  I served as the Commissioner for 15 of those seasons — taking my leave of the position and turning it over to the one man who I trusted to take care of what I’d built, my best friend Steve.  He had served as the Deputy Commissioner with me since the 1997 season, and the league couldn’t have been put into better hands (and finally, I’ve gotten to take a breather from all the work involved in running it to concentrate on just being an owner!).

I still have a great deal of things I do that involve the league, however — once of which is the creation of our league’s on-line Media Guide — for which I do a great deal of the writing.  That’s taken up a lot of time this weekend — so much so that I’m starting to wonder when I’ll get a chance to actually do the prep work I need to stay on top of this ultra-competitive league.  The draft is on Saturday, we have a luncheon on Friday, the AL-only league I still run is draftimg on Sunday, and there’s poker game scheduled for Thursday.  All in all — it’s a busy week ahead.

So with that in mind, I’m taking a short recess from the blog until next week.  There will be no Ro-Sham-Bo Award given out this week (though there were certainly plenty of worthy recipients for me to choose from) — that will return next Monday.  I may or may not post sometime between now and then, depending if a free moment ever arises.  If not, next week I’ll actually have some fantasy baseball content to share — including my players to watch in 2009 — but that’ll be after all of my drafts, so my leaguemates don’t get to use this blog against me.

Until then, stay safe and I hope everyone comes back to check in next week.


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