Who The *$#% Is Cal-State Northridge? (AKA March Madness, Part V)

Thursday, 1:00 PM CST — If you’re late to the party, check out the earlier action of the day starting here and work you way back.  We’ll wait for you — I promise.

Now that you’re back, I can say that there’s nothing like a huge upset early to get the tournament juices flowing — and we might be looking at one as Cal-State Northridge (who I couldn’t tell you anything about, even now) is somehow tied with Memphis with eleven minutes to play.  These are the games that make watching the NCAA tourney so much fun to watch.  My friend and I were just discussing the merits of the automatic bid for all conferences, and we both agreed that those bids have merit if for no other reason than to see games like this take shape.

I’ll root for the upset because it’s not like Memphis losing is going to kill my bracket anyway.  With A&M crushing BYU, I’m looking at a nice 0-3 start to my day if Butler continues its comeback and beats LSU.  As promised, here’s half of my bracket picks (I’ll post the other half later today, once everyone gets a chance to stop laughing):


Louisville  (1) over Morehead State (16)

Siena (9) over Ohio State (8)

Utah (5) over Arizona (12)

Wake Forest (4) over Cleveland State (13)

West Virginia (6) over Dayton (11)

Kansas (3) over North Dakota State (14)

USC (10) over Boston College (7)

Michigan State (2) over Robert Morris (15)


Connecticut (1) over Chattanooga (16)

BYU (8) over Texas A&M (9)

Purdue (5) over Northern Iowa (12)

Washington (4) over Mississippi State (13)

Utah State (11) over Marquette (6)

Missouri (3) over Cornell (14)

Maryland (10) over California (7)

Cal-State Northridge (15) over Memphis (2) — all right, all right … Memphis (2) over Cal-State Northridge (15)

I went with few upsets as it turns out;  in years past, I’ve been burned by trying to be too cute with my picks, and for every huge upset I’ve called in advance (and I’ve nailed a few over the years), I’ve missed way too many games that left me asking myself, “What were you thinking?”.  So, this year, I’ve gone back to basics with more of a “safe” bracket of picks.  Not that it’s helping me with the Memphis game right now, though.

My upset picks here have some reasoning behind them.  Cal enters the tournament struggling, and Maryland has a lot of talent, hence the pick.  Marquette lost 6 of their last 9 regular season games, and lost Dominic James to injury, so I didn’t want to go with them.  And the home-court advantage for Ohio State over Siena doesn’t worry me — I think Siena’s just the better team — so I went with the Saints there.  Of course, by the end of the weekend, my bracket will probably be a mess, so take any comments from me with a grain of salt.

As I write this, Memphis has rebounded and are up by 4 and LSU has pulled back out to a six-point lead — while BYU looks finished.  Could we have some early late-minute heroics already in the other two games?  Check back later and find out.


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