March Madness Part VI

Thursday, 2:33 CT — So much for the huge upset.  Memphis apparently realized at some point that they were the #2 seed and should start playing like one, and the gutsy bunch for Cal-State Northridge finally ran out of steam.  Memphis goes on a 20-6 run to end the game, winning by a much-closer-than-the-score-indicates final of 81-70.  So my bracket is safe for now — though I wouldn’t count on seeing Memphis go much further if they play anything like this the rest of the way (I have them making the Final Eight, and I’m lacking confidence in that pick at this point).

After the end of the first batch of games, I’m switched over to the Purdue-Northern Iowa tilt and my first question is:  Where the hell is everybody?  The stands in the Rose Garden in Portland, Oregon look empty from what they’re showing on TV.  I swear I’ve had more people in my living room at the same time before.  Actually, that’s probably an exaggeration, as it looks like the seats behind the Northern Iowa bench are empty, while the Purdue side looks pretty filled up.  I’m guessing that the Iowa faithful didn’t travel as well for this game as Purdue’s fans?  The people who are there in Northern Iowa’s corner aren’t going to be too happy as Purdue has gone on a 12-0 run to take the lead — and what do you know?  I actually picked them!  I’m unstoppable, I tell you!

Speaking of which, here’s the remainder of my “Hope this isn’t what you went with” bracket (the other portion can be found here):


Pittsburgh (1) over East Tennessee State (16)

Oklahoma State (8) over Tennessee (8)

Florida State (5) over Wisconsin (12)

Xavier (4) over Portland State (13)

UCLA (6) over VCU (11)

Villanova (3) over American (14)

Texas (7) over Minnesota (10)

Duke (2) over Binghamton (15)


North Carolina (1) over Radford (16)

LSU (8) over Butler (9)

Illinois (5) over Western Kentucky (12)

Gonzaga (4) over Akron (13)

Arizona State (6) over Temple (11)

Syracuse (3) over S.F. Austin (14)

Clemson (7) over Michigan (10)

Oklahoma (2) over Morgan State (15)

Not a lot of surprises here in the 2nd slate of games — Chattanoga is keeping it surprisingly close against UConn, but the other games are going pretty much the way I thought they would.  This is turning into a anticlimatic day so far — no signs of an upset yet, my stove was delivered without incident, and I’ve resisted all urges to fall back asleep — what’s going to liven this day up?  We’ll see if we have an answer later this evening.


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