March Madness, Part IV

Thursday, 12:01 PM CT — Parts I through III can be found here, here, and here if you want to get up to speed — not that you’ve missed a whole lot so far.

Okay — I took a gamble and went for some food anyway.  I didn’t feel like whipping something up here (a chore that was going to be that much more difficult since, you know, my new stove isn’t here yet), and I’m one who hates to see tradition die, so I made my way to Wendy’s (only five minutes away) for some lunch before tip-off.

Yeah, I know I’ve complained before about their up-selling tactics — but they’re the only ones serving lunch at this point, so I didn’t have much of a choice.  And of course, they tried to push the medium or large sizes on me again, but I successfully declined it.  Viva La Resistance!

Take THAT, Wendy's.

Take THAT, Wendy's.

And it looks like I was lucky, since it looks like I didn’t miss the delivery people.  I did have my cell phone with me (which they have as a contact number, along with the house number they called on yesterday) and didn’t hear anything, and there were no missed calls on the home phone (and I was only gone for 10 minutes), so I should be covered.  Unless, of course, we reach 5:00 PM and I have no stove — in which case, it’ll be too late today for me to get the situation resolved.

Meanwhile, LSU jumps out to the 9-0 lead already.  It’s over!  Okay, maybe not — but now we can have a contest to see what will happen first:  Butler scoring or my stove getting delivered.

Wait a second … look out here …. it looks like we have a winner in that contest already … and it’s:  The Stove!

I take you back to earlier today when I stated:

My previous experience with delivery types like these is that I either won’t get a call at all, or they’ll call when they’re pulling up in my driveway, or they’ll call when they’re hopelessly lost.

The answer in this case was “B“, as the driver called to say he’d be there shortly, followed by the sound outside of the doors of the truck being slammed shut as the delivery guys got out.  I’m not sure why the driver said “soon” — it’s not like it’s that long of a walk to the front door.

The timing of their arrival isn’t perfect either — I’m still eating as I go to meet them outside.  I should have known the quickest way to get them there was to sit down and try to enjoy a meal;  it works every time.  I’m not going to complain, though, since I half-expected them not to show today just because.

And no — my delivery people aren’t hot females, so chalk that up as another disappointment.  But my stove is in place and apparently operational, so I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.  Meanwhile, Butler has gotten right back into this game, cutting the lead to 4 with 5 minutes to go in the half.  Memphis is in a close game that I’m sure will turn into a blowout by the end, and BYU is getting smoked early — and of course, I picked them (I think).  I promised my picks for the days games already, but I want to finish lunch first and I have to walk the dogs before they have a heart attack, so they’ll have to wait until the next update.  So sit back and enjoy the games — and I’ll be back in another hour or so.

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