March Madness Day One, Part III

Thursday, 10:48 AM CT — I’m going to keep using the Roman numeral motif in the title of these entries today on the tournament — they give the individual posts a class that using the actual number wouldn’t do.  Think of it like the numbering of movie sequels:  Wouldn’t Police Academy 4 have been instantly better if they had called it Police Academy IV instead?

Or not.

Maybe not.

If you missed the first two parts of our day-long extravaganza, then just scroll down the page — or you can click here for Part I and here for Part II (I was right — see how classy those numbers look!)

Hey — it’s another ESPN poll!  And it’s the one they’ve been doing all morning (about how many brackets people have filled out).  Can we have a poll next as to who cares about ESPN’s polls to begin with?  Or am I asking too much?  Yeah, that’s what I thought.

My neighbor to the front of me is cutting his lawn as I’m writing this.  The couple that lives in front of me are both retired, and the husband spends approximately 98% of his time, I think, working in his yard.  Which is about 97.8% more than I’ve had time to do lately.  My house is on a cul-de-sac that has four houses — two in the front off of the main highway, and my next-door neighbor and myself in the back.  Usually, when one of us cuts their yard, the other three of us have to follow, lest we be the one holdout that’s making the whole group look bad.  Would you like to take a wild guess who the last one usually is?

So, I guess that means I need to work in the yard this weekend, not that I’m going to have the time.  Either that, or sabotage my neighbor’s mower when he goes inside to take a break.

Enough is enough with the repeating Sportscenter — I can’t take it anymore.  So I’ve meandered over to The Price is Right while I wait for the games to get underway.  Hey, it’s Drew Carey!  I haven’t watched this show in ages for a variety of reasons, and I only remember vaguely that Bob Barker had finally retired and Carey had taken his place.  I’ve always liked Carey, mostly from watching him host a personal favorite show of mine, the American version of Whose Line Is It Anyway?


Just in this brief watching, Carey looks comfortable enough in his role as host.  And I have no idea who the girls are on the show (I grew up with Janice, Holly, and Dian) — but hot-looking females showing off prizes is apparently one aspect of the show that’s not changed.  That and contestants who are always a little too excited to be on TV.

I guess I’m sticking here since it’s almost time for the games to start.  My first game is apparently Butler vs. LSU — and the delivery guys are still nowhere to be seen.  That means I’ll be digging here for lunch instead of going out — since the second I leave, that’ll just mean I’ll miss the delivery people, guaranteed.  So it looks like the fast-food tradition goes down the drain, much like my bracket will probably do as well in just a couple of hours.  I’ll be back around halftime of the first game with all the updates you can stand, so check back.

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