March Madness: Day One (Continued)

Thursday, 9:41 AM CT — I thought about just editing my original post and adding onto it, but I decided in adding on new posts at the top of the page instead because … well, just because I can do it that way.  Feel my power!  Or not.   If you’re just tuning in (because you’re like me, and tired of looking at the same highlights over and over again on ESPN) and you want to catch up, then either scroll down the page some or just click here — we’ll wait until you’re back to continue.

Finished?  Well, if it’s any consolation, you didn’t miss much.  I’m now watching Samuel L. Jackson going against Dwayne Wade in bracket picks.  Samuel L. won’t turn any gig down, will he?

Sometimes you just have to say no, Samuel

Sometimes you just have to say no, Samuel

Don’t get me wrong — I love Samuel L. Jackson.  How can you not?  He’s a guy who loves what he does, and what he does, he usually does well.  Even if I don’t like every movie he’s been in, I’m almost always entertained by Jackson’s performances on screen.  From a comic-book perspective, I’m glad Marvel worked everything out with him to continue playing Nick Fury in their movie series in the future.

I thought about filling out another bracket, but decided against it, thinking: What’s the point?  I’m just going to pick the same teams anyway.  And that means I’m going to lose that bracket too to someone’s wife who picked the teams she “knew” — that’s the way it seems to always work.

In other shocking news, in the midst of asking for a trade from Denver and having his agent work the propaganda machine, Jay Cutler complained today that he wasn’t getting enough love or respect from me in the blog and that he wants to set up a meeting with us and his agent.  And If I don’t do something to make him feel more appreciated right now, he claims he’ll just sit down and hold his breath until he turns blue!  And he says he means it!  You’ll see!

Heres to you, Jay

Here's to you, Jay

Why are they showing Manny Ramirez playing cricket?  Isn’t he supposed to be hurt?  Then again, with essentially a two-year deal with the Dodgers, it’s not like he needs to try that hard until next year anyway.

No word from the delivery guys yet — will they get here before the first game starts (allowing me a window to run out and get my traditional, first-day fast-food lunch)?  Can I keep watching ESPN until the first game starts, even though it’s the same stuff over and over at this point?  Will I run out of Chek Cola and fall asleep on the couch?  Check back again around 11:00 for the start of the tourney and all the answers!


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