It’s Time For Some March Madness!

So it’s going to be a hectic week around here.  I’ve got company coming into town from out of state next week for both the 17th annual HCBB Fantasy Baseball League Draft and the 8th annual Pine Tar Fantasy Baseball League Draft — my guests will be staying with me, so I’m busy getting everything ready for them and trying to prepare for both leagues (I’m the defending champion in the HCBB, so there’s that bit of added pressure).  Also, it’s time for the NCAA tourney to kick off tomorrow — an event I try to always watch if able.  Plus, I have a delivery of our brand new stove arriving tomorrow — but at what time, that’ll be , is still up in the air.  All of these things are going to make new articles a little diffcult to work on.

So what to do?  It hit me that I’d combine at least two of these activities tomorrow:  I’ll be trying to update this blog live during the course of the tournament and I’ll give the world the play-by-play of the new stove installation!  How much more excitement can you stand?  I know, I won’t be able to take much more than that.  I mean, when you think of things that go together — Tom & Jerry, Sonny & Cher, Red Beans & Rice —  can you match two things any better than NCAA basketball and home appliance delivery?

This is about as good a match

This is about as good a match

So check with me early in the AM tomorrow — if all goes according to plan, I’ll be on-line shortly after 8:00 CST (maybe even sooner) and we’ll see where this takes us.  Of course, if you’re reading this instead of watching the action on TV yourself (or working, like the delivery guys I’ll be seeing) — then … well, I’m not really sure what to say about that.  In any event, I’ll be back tomorrow bright and early for exciting hoops (and appliance) action!

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