Watchmen’s Opening Weekend, T.O.’s New Home, And More

It was a busy weekend — so what better to do on a Monday night than to look back at some of Friday’s bigger bits of news and update them?

Watchmen opened at a respectable enough $55.65 million, topping the box office charts for the weekend, but falling short of director Zack Snyder’s last effort, 300, which opened at the $70 million mark.  The adaptation of Alan Moore’s comic book classic is being described in some circles as disappointing, though Warner Brothers is insisting that their “expectations were met”.

Surfing around various comic book message boards, I find a disturbing number of people who’ve not only started heralding the Watchmen movie as a “flop”, but who almost have taken some sort of perverse joy in the movie’s perceived failure to do better at the box office.  I’ve never seen a group of people who seem to take more enjoyment in the failure of something than comic book fans do (and on a related note, if I never again read “If you don’t like Book X or Writer Y, then why don’t you get out of comics all together”, it’ll be too soon).  Some of the commentary reminds me of the reactions that followed Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns (which had a pretty tepid reaction in the comic book community itself).

Even if you don’t like Watchmen — the book or the movie — if you’re a comic book fan, you should want to see the movie succeed.  If it doesn’t, then it may be less likely you’ll see the adaptation of your favorite comic book property in the future.  A rising tide lifts all boats, or so goes the saying.

Terrell Owens has landed in Buffalo following his release from Dallas.  As a Bears fan myself, I’m thrilled;  Chicago had been rumored to be a landing place for the troubled wide receiver, and I wanted nothing less than to see Owens wearing a Bears uniform next season, no matter how awful Chicago’s receiving core might be.  Owens is a team-killer, and I can’t begin to imagine what kind of locker-room destroying fireworks he and Kyle Orton might have created.

My best friend, however, is a Bills fan.  His reaction was far different than mine upon hearing the news.

Sorry, Steve.

Sorry, Steve.

A-Rod has undergone surgery to repair torn cartilage in his injured hip, settling for treatment that falls in between the most agressive and most passive options that were at his disposal.  Doctors claim that Rodriguez should be able to rejoin the team “sometime in May”;  as the saying goes, I’ll believe it when I see it.  In any case, I’m still not touching him on draft day — and I’m not alone, judging by the results of the AL LABR draft this past weekend.  Rodriguez fetched only $22 at the draft, leaving him the 5th-highest priced third baseman in that league.  Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

— I’ve always liked Jimmy Kimmel, but seeing an article like this makes me a little bit concerned.

Let her go, Jimmy.  Let her go.

On that less than serious note, I’ll remind everyone that Monday’s Ro-Sham-Bo presentation will be tomorrow (Tuesday).   It’s been a long day already, so I’m ready to call it a night.

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