Stock My Bar — Otherwise Known As “Audience Participation Time!”

Well, there’s been enough gloom and doom around here lately, so I thought I’d lighten the mood up somewhat by talking about everyone’s favorite subject (or one of them, at least) — alcohol!

As my friends are well aware, I bartended for nearly seven years back during my college/young adult days.  And as those who know about my home renovation are also aware, one of the additions to my home is — you guessed it — a full service bar.  Cue up the music and the dancing girls — let’s party!

But wait — you can’t have a bar without the alcohol to stock it.  Frankly, I don’t drink but rarely, so it’s not like I already own a large number of bottles waiting to find their place on my brand-new, empty shelves.  And alcohol, particularly the good stuff, doesn’t come cheaply, so it’s not like I can buy anything and everything.  So with so many options available and no way to get them all, what’s it going to be?

This is where you, my faithful (and possibly sober) followers come into play.  I’m going to be trying to stock at least two different brands of each types of liquor (two vodkas, two rums, etc.) — unless I feel the clear need, out of necessity to have the proper elements on hand, to go with more than two.  How best to decide what to go with than to throw things open to a democratic vote?  A reminder that some of you have the opportunity to be sitting at this bar in the future, so vote carefully!

Polls are below (with appropriate “Margaritaville-like backdrops”).  Vote early — before you’ve had too much to drink yourselves!  The highest two vote-getters will get their place of honor behind my bar — the rest will just be put in their place.

Vodka’s up first.

Then add some rum.

I don’t drink gin, but I’ve still got to carry it.

Tequila, anyone?

Scotches, both single malt and blends

And finally, my favorite, whiskeys — bourbons, Tennessee whiskeys, and Canadian whiskeys

Liquers and cordials

And last but not least, a mishmash of other stuff.

I’m going to keep the polls open until my bar is ready to roll — which should be in about a month or so.  Until then, please vote and happy drinking!


One Response to “Stock My Bar — Otherwise Known As “Audience Participation Time!””

  1. sprentiss47 Says:

    Here’s my .02 –

    1. Liquor is overrated. A big bar is not needed for most kinds of entertaining. In most cases, one selection of any particular liquor is probably more than enough. Get one good bottle of each kind and you’ll be able to meet most people’s needs.

    2. Get whatever YOU drink, since you’ll be the most frequent visitor of your own bar.

    3. I’m not sure you want to encourage your guests to do shots…avoid the random stuff.

    My personal feeling is that beer selection is much more important. Maybe the crowd you hang out is more sophisticated than mine, but most of my friends drink beer (and their female significant others mostly drink wine).

    That being said, here is a good, basic bar setup that should make everyone happy:

    Vodka – Grey Goose
    Rum – Bacardi Silver, maybe a spiced rum like Capt Morgan
    Gin – Bombay Sapphire
    Whiskey – Jack Daniels, Crown Royal (I know that’s your fav), maybe a bourbon (Knob Creek or Makers Mark)
    Tequila – Patron (or so I’ve been told…I no longer drink tequila, if you know what I mean)
    Scotch – A good single malt (Balvenie or Macallan are my personal favs)
    Other – Triple Sec (or cointreau if you want to get crazy), Baileys, Kahlua, Amaretto, Southern Comfort, dry vermouth (a small bottle for martinis)

    With that, you should be able to make about 90% of the mixed drinks out there (provided you actually have all the necessary mixers)

    As for beer, a selection of a domestic regular and light beer, plus a couple of foreign/microbrews.

    An eight beer setup:
    Miller Lite
    Abita Amber
    Corona (make sure you have plenty of limes)
    Heineken (I hate this, but a lot of people drink that skunk water)
    Amstel Light (More and more people seem to be drinking light beers)
    Guinness (cans of course)
    Labatts Blue or Moosehead (I love me them Canadian beers)

    That should be a pretty solid bar for most occassions.

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