Random Gibberish For Friday

There’s a lot on my mind as we head into the weekend, so  I figured I’d touch at brief length on a bunch of subjects rather than try to narrow them down to just one — it’s quantity over quality, baby!

That said, off the top of my head today we have:

Senator Roland Burris needs to resign — now.  I won’t say more about this today, but I’ll let this cat out of the bag now for people who’ve been reading here regularly.  Barring something happening in the next two or three days, I’ll have plenty to add about him on Monday — if you know what I mean.

— I had looked more favorably towards Alex Rodriguez earlier, giving him credit for coming clean regarding his steroid usage.  Now, I’m feeling more and more that getting the complete truth from him is going to be a futile endeavor.  So all your years with the Yankees were “clean”, Alex?  Isn’t that what you claimed?

— The Oscars are this weekend.  I usually don’t watch the telecast, but I will be checking in this year to see the results of two specific categories.  If Heath Ledger doesn’t win for his role in The Dark Knight, there needs to be an investigation.  And the same probably goes for Mickey Rourke’s turn in The Wrestler.

— Speaking of movies, I never did see the new Friday the 13th movie last week.  Read the reviews, and I probably won’t be going, but instead I’ll just wait for it to hit DVD/television.  It’s not that I expected the flick to get good reviews, but I’ve read reviews from horror fans who didn’t really like it, so that swung my decision. If people who have a predisposition to like the movie don’t really care for it that much, then that’s definitely not a good sign. Next up on the “I’m waiting anxiously to see it” train — Watchmen.

— Speaking of Watchmen, Malin Akerman is in it, and she’s pretty hot, if you hadn’t noticed.


— Last week, I wrote about two shows I’ve been trying to keep up with.  After another episode of each, I’ll update with the following:  Last week’s episode of Flight of The Conchords was awesome, and the song “Carol Brown” — featuring Jemaine’s chorus of ex-girlfriends– is an immediate classic.  It’s the best episode of the new season so far.

Meanwhile, the 2nd episode of Important Things With Demitri Martin was a little disappointing, as it wasn’t as funny or as well-focused as the premiere, though there were still some good bits.  It’s only been two weeks, though, so the jury is still out on this one, and I’ll still keep checking it out for a while.

— Speaking of the jury still being out … well, it’s not out for me on the new layout of ESPN’s website.  I hate it.  I can’t find half the stuff I’m looking for anymore, and as a friend of mine pointed out, half of the content is in video form now, it seems.  Isn’t watching video on sports why I own a television and get ESPN, the network?  It’s also not helping matters that there seems to be less written content now from Bill Simmons (The Sports Guy), one of my favorites, in favor of pod casts from him.

— Two of my favorite, must-see websites to check out every day:  The Comic Curmudgeon and Medium Large.  If you’ve ever read the comics strip in the newspaper, you need to check out the former — and if you like funny, well-written comic strips period, then check out the latter.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend.  I’ll be back on Monday at the latest.


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