Scarlett Johansson Joining The Cast Of Iron Man 2?

Frankly, Scarlett is damn hot.

But is she going to be playing the role of Natasha Romanoff, aka the Black Widow, in the upcoming Iron Man 2 film?

Entertainment Weekly says maybe.  According to Hollywood “sources”, Marvel is in discussions with several actresses, Johansson the most prominent, to replace their first choice, actress Emily Blunt.

Blunt is currently committed to the upcoming Gulliver’s Travels, and her work on that film may conflict with the Iron Man shooting schedule, booting her from the film.

I’ll be the first to admit that, like Johansson, Blunt would be bringing a number of … er … assets to the role.  But for my tastes, Blunt has a more youthful looking face than Scarlett does, and I’m not sure that when I see her, I see the  “veteran superspy” that the Black Widow is supposed to be.  Of course, Johansson’s countenance doesn’t exactly scream “older and experienced” either, I’ll grant you — and she’s actually younger than Blunt — but I think she’ll be able to pull off the sultry, intelligent, and strong-willed personality that Natalia has better.  Like all comic fans, I have my opinion and I’m sticking to it — ’cause it’s the right one, of course.  How could you expect anything less from a die-hard comic geek?

One thing that isn’t up to debate is that, like every other issue that’s been associated with a big-screen release, certain comic gems are going to be the “must-have” grails for the serious comic collector to get their hands on.  For this movie, in addition to seeing a jump in the prices of Tales of Suspense #39 and Iron Man #1 (which both were red-hot leading up to the release of the first Iron Man film), the two books that will see the most interest will be Tales of Suspense #52 (featuring the 1st appearance of the Widow herself) and Tales of Suspense #46 (with the 1st appearance of the rumored villain, The Crimson Dynamo.

Tales of Suspense #52

Tales of Suspense #52

Tales of Suspense #46

Tales of Suspense #46

I already own a TOS #46 — but am still looking for the elusive #52.  Now’s the time to grab it if you can, but that may be easier said than done, as most of the on-line sites I frequent haven’t had it in stock in a high grade, making it one of the books I’ll probably end up having to try to hunt down in person in 2009.


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