Respect My Authoritah!


So it was a pretty busy weekend for me:  there was the entertaining NBA slam-dunk contest, the not-quite-as-entertaining-as-I’d-hoped-but-still-pretty-decent HORSE competition, and of course, the All-Star Game.  There was also work to be done on the house, there was Valentine’s Day and my attempts to spend some quality time with the wife (who had to work most of that day), and there was writing to be done for my fantasy league’s Media Guide for 2009.  Whew!   All of this left me with less time to spend on the Internet, and in turn, on this site.  However, since I’d set my goal as putting up at least three updates or articles a week, and having posted at least that many every week since the blog started, I felt pretty good about having maintained that schedule, even if nothing new went up over the weekend.

But, it’s Monday — and that means it’s Ro-Sham-Bo time!  I had a few candidates I could have run with, but nothing really jumped out at me until I saw some of the headlines today.  Having been in a NBA-frame-of-mind all weekend made it easy to keep up the them when I saw one particular bit of news flash by on the ticker.

For the record, nothing infuriates me more (okay, that statement’s not really true, as most of what infuriates me does so at a pretty consistent level, but it sounds good anyway so I’ll keep using it) than drivers on the highway who put my life at risk with their actions behind the wheel.  I’ve never understood why you have to jump through hoops to get licensed to operate, let’s say, an aircraft — but to get a driver’s license, you need — in the words of Jerry Seinfeld — nothing more, apparently, than a face.

And there are a ton of drivers out there on a daily basis putting your lives at risk, make no mistake about it.  If you live in Scottsdale, Arizona, one of those drivers, apparently, is Jason Richardson.  If you missed it, Richardson was arrested Sunday night after driving at one point 90 mph in a 35 mph zone.

This isn’t the first instance of questionable judgement behind the wheel for the Suns’ guard;  in December, Richardson had been cited in suspicion of driving under the influence.  He called the incident as “one stupid mistake I made” — apparently, his actions on Sunday seem to suggest that he was looking to add on to his record with “Stupid Mistake No. 2”.

But speeding alone wouldn’t get Richardson this week’s Ro-Sham-Bo award;  the highways are filled with plenty of people who put their own lives at risk by trying to shave a few seconds off their daily commutes, and sadly, risk in turn the lives of the people who cross their paths (or lanes).  What makes Richardson award-worthy is that his 3-year old son was not only in the car with his when he was doing his Dale Earnhardt impression, but he was in the vehicle unrestrained.  No car seat, no seat belt — no helmet either, I would imagine.  Not that any helmet would have done any good if Richardson had seen his speeding jaunt come to an end against a telephone pole or another car, and if his son had gone flying through a windshield at 90 mph.

For the record, automobile accidents represent the number-one cause of death for children in the United StatesNumber one.  And it’s not because they’re behind the wheel, either.

Risking your own life is one thing.  Risking the life of someone who’s not old enough to have any say in the matter?  Inexcusable, and worthy of this weeks Ro-Sham-Bo Award.


One Response to “Respect My Authoritah!”

  1. rollthebones Says:

    Excellent Ro-Sham-Bo choice. Clearly an idiot. It frustrates me so much to hear stories of parents not using the proper seat restraints. Very sad.

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