Update on the A-Rod Steroid News

Unlike others who’ve found themselves in similar shoes (McGwire, Clemens, Bonds, Palmeiro, cough cough), Alex Rodriguez has decided to come clean, admitting to not only use of banned steroids in 2003, but for a three-year period that began in 2001 when he joined the Texas Rangers.

The admittance came today in an exclusive interview the Yankees star gave Peter Gammons from Miami Beach.  In it, Rodriguez talked about the huge pressures he felt he faced upon the signing the sport’s richest contract ever.  He said baseball had a “different culture” then, and he apologized to the Texas fans.

Huge props to A-Rod for facing the music and not cutting and running, like so many others have before him.  Today was as difficult a challenge as he’s ever faced in a batter’s box, but so far, he’s saying the right things.  Unlike the shady denials of some of his peers, his confession and honesty is the first step in what will be the long road to redemption.  It was the right move for him to make — but there were many who likely were telling him to keep his mouth shut.  I’m glad he didn’t listen.

Of course, it would be even better if he had admitted to this before he got caught — but Rodriguez still deserves credit for manning up in a tough spot.  Hopefully, he can serve as baseball’s front man for a new era of responsibility, an example that it’s possible to make a mistake and be forgiven — if you’re actually contrite about the missteps you may have made.  Rodriguez said it best when he stated that honesty was the best way for baseball to get its focus back on the field where it belongs.  Hopefully, in the future, others will follow his lead today.


One Response to “Update on the A-Rod Steroid News”

  1. rollthebones Says:

    While I appreciate Arod stepping forward and coming clean on this, I’m still frustrated that MLB continues to get the pass on this steroid issue while individual players have to step up and take the heat. Not that it isnt deserved, of course. I didn’t need my mother to tell me not to drop acid to know that it was wrong. But in the whole scheme of things, fans tend to focus on the individual players themselves (and if you’re fishing, Arod is THE fish to catch) but sometimes forget the blame that MLB deserves, and how it so easily puts the burden of responsibility on it’s greatest stars. I now have to question the integrity of every player who came through the steroid era.

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