I can’t believe that I’m remotely excited by this …

… But I am.  “What is it?” you might excitedly be asking (or not).  It’s the horror movie remake of everyone’s favorite hockey-masked, serial killer’s series, Friday the 13th — opening, of course, on Friday, February 13th.


Let’s get all the common-sense ugliness out of the way first, shall we?  Of course, this movie isn’t going to be a classic.  It’ll have some unimportant plot that will be thinner than Kate Bosworth on a new diet, it’ll be filled with tons of mindless, gratuitous gore and violence, and probably a little bit of unnecessary sex and nudity as well.  But all of that is what the die-hard horror junkie’s looking for anyway, right?  And that description pretty much fits the bill for 95% of the horror/slasher films that were pumped out in the late 1970’s/1980’s anyhow, no?

So in that case, this movie probably won’t disappoint the fan base it’s mainly targeting anyway (which isn’t necessarily me, but I’ll get to that).  If anything, the problem might end up being in the film’s attempt to take itself too seriously, like we saw happen in Rob Zombie’s Halloween “re-imagining”.  In that film, Zombie used the first half of the film to delve into an entire backstory of who Michael Myers was and how he came to be.  It was a completely different focus than the great John Carpenter used in the original — in Zombie’s film the stalking of the babysitters/teenagers seemed almost forced and tacked on, and the female characters were pale imitations of the 1978 originals — and while it wasn’t necessarily badly done, it just didn’t feel like, you know, like Halloween.  It’s my opinion that Zombie could have abandoned the whole Halloween framing elements and just told his own story, and I would have liked it a lot better.

Hearing that this Friday the 13th remake re-imagining is going to explore the back story of Jason Voorhees, the antagonist of most of the Friday the 13th films (but not the first! — that was all Jason’s mother, Pamela, remember!) made me worry that this film is going to try to be something it has no chance of being — a “serious” film.  We won’t know for sure until February.  At least the trailer looks pretty good.

The reason it appeals to me?  I’m a big horror fan, though the Friday films more fall under the category of  “slasher film”, related to but not necessarily horror, so it’s not that.  I’m excited for the same reason that I collect comic books, or watch older TV shows on DVD on TV Land re-runs, or for the reason a 90210 revivial is with us today — and that’s nostalgia.  The Friday the 13th film series were some of the first horror films I’d ever watched, as a young teenager in the 1980’s, so my rememberances of them are far more personal than someone who never saw Jason until he was taking Manhattan many years later (ugh).  Nostalgia sells, and it’s that fact — and the fact that Hollywood often seems to be running on empty when it comes to coming up with anything new (see the high number of sequels and remakes on the horizon) — that’s bringing this film to the screen.  While the latter is disappointing for those of us who’d like to be challeneged with something new, the former is why the 11-year old boy still inside of me will probably be there on opening weekend to see a little blood-and-gore with the rest of the crowd.


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