The NFL season continues to surprise

Admit it — none of you thought the Cardinals had a chance in hell to win last night, did you?  I certainly didn’t.  They looked great against Atlanta last week, sure — but the Falcons were on the road (where they had struggled over the course of the year), Arizona had played pretty good at home during the regular season, and Matt Ryan was still a rookie quarterback in the playoffs, which in years past, usually added up to trouble.  But beating Carolina on the road?  After they’d been absolutely waxed in every other trip they’d made to the East Coast all year?

If I were a betting man — and I’m not because of games particularly like this one — then I would have taken Carolina and laid whatever points I had to.  I figured Arizona would get crushed — I didn’t figure on the bad Jake Delhomme showing up, and I completely underestimated the impact of wide reciver Larry Fitzgerald, who was, in the words of a good friend, a “Man amongst Boys” last night.

The Ravens win didn’t surprise me as much (though I did take Tennessee in my “Beat The Streak” pick yesterday — guess I’ll have to return the yacht I bought in anticipation of pocketing the $1,000,000 grand prize.  I see Pittsburgh and the Giants as the favorites, but honestly, anyone looks like they might be hoisting the trophy at the end — even the aforementioned hapless Cardinals.

Oh, and the Giants are losing to the Eagles by 2 with Philly driving at the end of the 3rd quarter.  Wake up, Arizona fans — you may be hosting a title game next week!


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