Welcome to The Last Honest Man!

Hey — it’s just what the world needed.  Another blog! I mean, there certainly aren’t enough people out there already giving their opinions on everything under the sun — so let’s add another one!  If nothing else, this blog will provide one more place where someone can spout off about things in a way that makes you, the reader, think that:

1) I don’t know anything about what I’m spouting off about


2) You could do a better job than me.

So what is this blog going to be all about?  Pretty much whatever’s on my mind at the time, but since I am using at least 25% more of my brain than most people I come across in any given day, that’ll actually be a lot of stuff.  Mainly, I’ll be focusing on sports (particularly fantasy sports), comic books (my one hobby passion), and the general mundane things I run across on a regular basis.  You’ll get my thoughts on what I like, dislike, and absolutely hate — find out more about me (who many of you will never meet anyway) — all the while thinking, “How bored am I if I’m reading this guy?”

Anyhow, welcome — and hopefully you’ll find something to enjoy here that helps you pass the time.


2 Responses to “Welcome to The Last Honest Man!”

  1. I agree wholeheartedly with #1.

  2. thelasthonestman Says:

    Welcome, tywebb — glad to see another familiar face around here.

    Also, I’m glad to see you still giving the lengthy, in-depth, well-written critiques I know you’re famous for. 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing some more of your thoughts on my fantasy-related stuff once we actually get to baseball season.

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